School Choice Experts to Testify at Joint House & Senate Meeting

Four nationally recognized experts on school choice will present to the Joint House/Senate Education and Judiciary Committees on February 13th at 1:30. Kevin Chavous, a national education reform leader, will provide personal experiences showing that school choice benefits all children. He is board chair of Democrats for Education Reform, former chair of the Black Alliance for Educational Options and senior advisor to the American Federation for Children. Mr. Chavous was instrumental in establishing charter schools and education vouchers in Washington, DC.

Dick Komer, a senior attorney at the Institute for Justice, has litigated school choice programs in several states. These cases involve the constitutionality of allowing school choice programs to include religious and private schools. He presented testimony to the Alaska House Judiciary Committee in 2012 regarding the Blaine Amendment language in the Alaska Constitution.

Dr. Benjamin Scafidi, Associate Professor of Economics at Georgia College & STate University, will address the fiscal aspects of school vouchers and their impact on public schools. His research has shown that in those states with school vouchers, public schools have actually received more per student funding than before vouchers started.

Dr. Patrick Wolf, head of the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas College and Health Professions, will address the myths of school choice and how school choice benefits everyone, especially the lower income students.

Tune in to Gavel-to-Gavel on TV or go to to watch on your computer. You we it to yourself, your kids and your country.