Accountability Improves Education for the Kids

There is a movement going on in Anchorage to change the way School Board members are elected. Currently, they are elected at-large. That is, the entire Municipality votes for a member. The change would have Board members elected by district, the same way we elect Assembly members and our legislators. The intention is to have Board members accountable and answerable to parents and all citizens.

Today, if a parent has a problem with the school district, there is no single elected official that parent can call to help resolve the problem. On the other hand, with Board members elected by a geographical district, that parent can call a specific elected Board member. Additionally, all areas of our city would be represented on the School Board. Not like now, where Eagle River/Chugiak has no representative on the Board. In theory, all seven Board members could live in the same neighborhood, or even the same block. This country was founded on representation and holding elected officials accountable for their actions. Our Founders and those who fought our Revolutionary War were right then and that maxim holds true today.

Now who could be against this? Maybe entrenched special interests. Maybe the Education Institution itself.

Paul Jenkins has more on this.