You Can Get Out of a Failing School-Here’s How

This month the Anchorage School District had to send out more than 8,000 letters to parents who had  children in failing Anchorage Schools. These letters were to inform parents that they had the option to get their kids out of failing (NCLB) schools and get them into two other successful Anchorage Schools.  The District was also required to provide free transportation (GIVE YOUR CHILD AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED) for the kids to either of these two successful schools.

Unfortunately, many parents probably received these letters after they had already registered their children in a failing neighborhood school. The good news is we are helping the School District spread the word and helping kids at the same time. If you want to get out of a failing neighborhood school (Failing school list), then here is the application (ASD CHOICE APP 2012). But you had better hurry because you only have until August 17th.

Call us at 334-5853 if you need assistance or help. Remember, this is your child’s future.