Rotten Tomatoes Panel: Pat Higgins ASD Board Member in Marshall Islands

Some aren't too happy with the Alaska Policy Forum's comments about Pat Higgins.

[June 15, 2012 4:30pm…Update…more comments have been placed at the end]

The Alaska Policy Forum’s David Boyle has stirred up the Anchorage bowl with his comments on Pat Higgins. Apparently there are some who think that Mr. Higgins should be able to stay on the board after he takes a job in the Marshall Islands 4,000 miles away. We couldn’t ignore some of the vitriol out there. It’s just too good. Here’s a sampling:



People should remember that David Boyle’s organization, the Alaska “Policy Forum,” is the same outfit that invaded the privacy of thousands of state employees by posting their personal salaries online for the world to see. And these weren’t just top state officials or managers, even secretaries had their personal information posed online. This is indecent. 

Gilbert Lucero

Mr Boyle, You should look back at Vic Kohring’s tenure. He used a piece of land that he owned in the district that he represented as his residence even though it was vacant land. He then Moved to Oregon, but used his parents address as his residence to continue representing his district. He needed to keep the job as representative as it was his only paycheck.


Just wondering… was the “conservative Alaska Policy Forum” as concerned with the half-term governor that refused to live in Juneau?


If there is a problem here it would seem to be one for the voters at election time, instead of now because one man has an obvious personal axe to grind.

celticdiva (Linda)

I find it interesting that it’s become such a huge issue now. I also must laugh at Boyle.  He backed the man who ran against Higgins, Bob Griffin.


Yep, sounds like that Boyle guy is just mad because his friend didn’t win that seat.  He should quit embarrassing himself by making a fuss about this.


How come Mr. Ultra conservative is not squawking about a real issue effecting Alaska on a grand scale, by his conservative owners, with thousands of administrative and engineering duties being done over seas and in the lower 48.  What a phony baloney. More hypocrisy from the right wing crooks.


Personally I think we’d all be better off if our elected officials came from and lived somewhere else and just phoned in. It would sure beat the schmucks we have that live here and try to govern.


Boyle is not telling the truth.  I don’t trust him, or his motivation in his attack on a school board member who is doing a good job.


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