Quick Answers on Obamacare

Michael Cannon concisely answers several questions about the new federal health care law.

On Friday, March 9 2012, Alaska Policy Forum interviewed Michael Cannon, Director of Health Care Policy Studies at the Cato Institute about Obamacare and its effect on the economy and women, the hospital lobby’s support for the law and health care exchanges. Below are several short excerpts from that interview.

Thompson asks Cannon why the law is going to be so detrimental to the economy.
Why is Obamacare so dangerous to the economy?

Women tend to be in more control of the health care spending dollars in the home than men. Will Obamacare tend to affect women more than men?
Is Obamacare worse for women than for men?

What are some of the adverse incentives that the law will encourage? Will insurance companies be able to cherry pick their customers?
Will Obamacare encourage insurance companies to cherry pick?

Why is there a subtle assent to the implementation of this law from some business leaders and from the health care community?
Why don’t the hospital and insurance lobby fight the implementation of this law more?