Taxpayers Paid $129,100,798 for “Official” Union Activities in 2009

(Capitol Research Center) Taxpayers paid more than $129 million in salaries and benefits to federal employees for doing “official” union work in 2009. These federal employees logged about 3 million hours and received government paychecks for doing union work. How can this be? Title V of the US Code allows federal employees to do union work while on the job working for the taxpayer. This is called “official” time in the Code. In effect, the taxpayer pays for activities which provide literally no direct public benefit. This can also include union lobbying activities for federal legislation. So, you may be paying for a union representative to complain about inadequate bathrooms, parking spaces or inadequate windows in offices. This happens while the union representative (federal employee) is collecting a paycheck from you, the taxpayer. (read more…)