Closing the Education Achievement Gap

Dr. Ben Chavis is coming to Alaska. Get your tickets today.

“Closing the Education Achievement Gap”

Dr. Ben Chavis, founder of the American Indian Model (AIM) Charter School in Oakland, California will present on the topic of motivating students, especially minority and lower income students, to achieve their maximum potential. His AIM middle school is now the #1 achieving middle school in all of California. Ninety-two percent of the students speak English as a second language, 97% qualify for free/reduced lunch, and 98% of the students are minorities. How does he do this?

Many would call his method “tough love.” Whatever it is, it seems to work, and work very well. He insists on high student expectations, personal responsibility from each student, structured classrooms, and enforced discipline. Dr. Chavis has been featured on John Stossel’s “Stupid in America” series which focused on education successes in America. Some say Dr. Chavis is not politically correct; he would say his only concern is for the kids in his schools, not the political correctness of his views and methods. He is concerned with outcomes and ensuring all his students achieve their maximum potential.

An Inspiring Story

When Dr. Chavis became the principal of the middle school, it was sometimes referred to as the zoo. Neighbors hated it because the students were out of control and wreaked havoc in the area. It was the worst middle school in Oakland. Chavis realigned the culture of the school from one of low expectations/high self esteem to one of highest expectations/maximum achievement.

Join us to hear what Dr. Chavis has to say about our education system and solutions that he has made work in his schools. It will be an outstanding evening!

Wilda Marston Theater/Loussac Library

Tuesday, January, 24, 2012