UPDATE: Anchorage School District Gets Report Card

UPDATE, Monday November 28, 2011:

Alaska Policy Forum has revised the letter grades that were assigned to the SBA averages for each school in the Anchorage School District. The new system is as follows:

A= 90%-100%
B= 80%-89%
C= 70%-79%
D= 60%-69%
F= 0%-59%

We feel this grading system to be a better representation of the SBA testing results. We have also created a clickable map to better display the grades and make the information more accessible (Flash required). To view the new map, visit here:



We all remember the days when report cards were given to us by teachers and the great anxieties those days held. This was especially true when the grades were not good and we had to show them to our parents so they could sign off on the report card. Some of us even tried to hide our “achievements”!  If students are graded and held accountabl for their achievements,then school districts should be accountable and receive grades, as well.

For example, Florida has graded all its schools since 1999 on an A to F scale, resulting in dramatic improvements in student achievement. These schools are required to prominently post the school grade at the school. We have developed a grading system for the ASD based on results of the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) tests administered to public school students in grades 3 through 9. Students in tenth grade are required to take a combined SBA/HSGQE test. Per the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development,  “the SBA in grades 3 through 10 measure student achievement in relation to the performance standards/grade level expectations.”  All students in grades 3-10 are assessed in reading, writing and mathematics.

This report card only considers scores in mathematics and language arts, with the reading and writing scores combined for an average into a language arts score. The scores in language arts and mathematics were averaged together and a school grade was assigned based on the following: see above.