Your Land is My Land-Title 21 Meeting,October 12

Years ago, Woody Guthrie wrote about “This land is your land” but is it really?  It’s time we paid attention to the workings of the Title 21 planning process and what it will mean to the everyday person on the street. Following are some of the requirements for single family residences:

#The standards will avoid monotony in structure design…

#The width of a driveway is limited to less than 30 percent of the curb frontage

#You must provide a porch at the primary front entrance and it must be at least four feet square and covered by a roof at least four feet square.

And the list goes on and on telling property owners what they can and cannot do with their property. The intent is to make the city pleasing to the eye, kind of like the facade in a Western movie. However, the effect is an overreaching government mandating what individuals can do with their property.

So, if you want to learn about Title 21 and what it means to/for you, go to the Title 21 forum on October 12, 6:30pm at the Wilda Marston Theater/Loussac Library.