Needed: Your Input on Everyday Math Program, Help!

If your child is having difficulties with the Everyday Math program or is doing well in the EDM program, then you should attend the community input meeting the School District is hosting and provide comments. This is your golden opportunity to help your child with math. The School District is reviewing the EDM program and soliciting input from parents as part of the decision making process of the selection/retention of a math program for K-6 students.

The Council of Great City Schools issued a report on the Everyday Math program in ASD in February of this year. There is a wealth of information in the report including comments from teachers and principals. In summary, the report places responsibility for poor implementation of the EDM program on the staff and Administration-and this is after nearly 15 years of the program in the ASD. It is hard to imagine that the District can improve this program with additional professional development in the near future.

So, if you or your children are having problems with Everyday Math in school, get to the community input meeting at Begich Middle School at 6pm, October 18th. Remember, this is about all the kids.  See you there.

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