Anchorage Property Taxes: A Snapshot

How High are Anchorage Property Taxes, Relatively Speaking?

Recently, there has been much discussion in Anchorage regarding  public employee wages, education and property taxes. Folks on both sides tend to throw out numbers regarding whether or not public employees are paid enough, and whether Anchoragites pay high property taxes. The Policy Forum has posted salary and benefit information for Anchorage Municipal employees and Anchorage School District employees on our website: This has been done to clear away the “clutter” and provide transparent information to the general public. Armed with this information, citizens can debate the issues on a more rational basis.

To further clarify the debate concerning whether or not Anchorage property taxes are too high, too low or just right,  we provide this informational graph. The data for this graph is provided by The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan educational organization which promotes a sense of “tax consciousness” in the public.