Updated: Anchorage Municipal Elections Financial Snapshot

Alaska Policy Forum breaks down the campaign funding in this municipal election to make it easy for voters to understand.

Update: The spreadsheet has been updated to reflect some information that was misplaced in the APOC records. The new spreadsheet reflects 24 hour reports as of April 4, 2011. Please see the new revision for updated figures. The figures quoted in this post reflect an earlier version.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) is responsible for collecting and enforcing campaign finance laws in Alaska state and local elections. APOC uploads a voluminous quantity of individual campaign contribution reports filed to its website in a timely manner, however, it can take months, well after any election, before APOC processes this information into the APOC website (which has many usability problems). The filings are not really practical to summarize cash flows in a campaign that the voters can use before they make their ballot choices.

This year, the Alaska Policy Forum has entered the campaign filings into a newly designed central database and volunteers have worked on data entry of the hand written filings to integrate the dozens of separate spreadsheets filed by candidates to produce a summary for voters. Everything in this spreadsheet is public record from the Alaska Public Offices Commission. We included all candidates, whether they had filed anything with APOC or not, and indicated which seats were being sought.

Our investigation found more than $645,000 came from all sources to all candidates. Total candidate self funding was $72,226. Total individual giving was $434,623. Labor-related Political Action Committees representing municipal employees and Davis-Bacon contractors gave $117,477. Other corporate, trade association, union and special interests gave $16,022. 

Please consider partnering with the Alaska Policy Forum to make it possible for us to do this for all state and local elections in Alaska.

Click here to download the summary spreadsheet of APF’s findings.