Employers must provide free choice vouchers

An employer that provides and contributes to health coverage for employees must provide free choice vouchers to each employee who is required to contribute between 8% and 9.8% of the employee’s household income toward the cost of coverage, if such employee’s household income is less than 400% of FPL and the employee does not enroll in a health plan sponsored by the employer. Eight percent and 9.8% are to be indexed to the rate of premium growth. The value of vouchers would be adjusted for age, and the vouchers would be used in the exchanges to purchase coverage that would otherwise be unsubsidized. The employee can also keep amounts of the voucher in excess of the cost of coverage elected in an exchange without being taxed on the excess amount. The amount of the voucher must be equal to the amount the employer would have provided toward such employee’s coverage (individual vs. family based on the coverage the employee elects through the exchange) with respect to the plan to which the employer pays the largest portion of the cost.

Source: NAHU