Audio: The Ideology Behind Federal Health Care Reform

Burke Balch explains how the federal health care law was passed to avoid a two-tiered system and about The Darthmouth Atlas and how it is used to justify health care rationing.

These two audio excerpts are from a presentation on the health care reform law by Burke Balch, director of the Powell Center for Medical Ethics.

To say that the federal health care law is “sweeping” is an understatement, given that the American public has seen nothing like this before in history. In this excerpt, Balch explains the ideas behind the policy, and how it tries to eliminate a two-tiered health care system.

The Ideology Behind the Federal Health Care Reform Law - Click here to listen (2.23 min)

In this excerpt, Balch explains how something called “The Dartmouth Atlas” is used to forbid private citizens from paying for the health care they want with their own private funds (rationing).

The Dartmouth Atlas and How It Is Used To Justify Rationed Health Care - Click here to listen (5.01 min)