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Online maps of 2017 Alaska public school test results now available

The Alaska Policy Forum has released online maps visually depicting school test results from the recently released Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools, or PEAKS. The PEAKS assessment is a general overview of public student performance at grade-level standard for English Language Arts (ELA)...
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Chronic School Absenteeism: More to the Story

On Sep 18, Charles Wohlforth posted an opinion piece in the ADN with a headline that read:  “A fourth of Alaska students are chronically absent. No wonder test scores are so bad.”   In his piece he says, “If parents are satisfied with ignorance, so will their children be.”...
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Steve Jobs, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Capitalist on Education in the US

Steve Jobs strongly favored school choice (vouchers) for every child as a means to improve educational opportunity for all. He believed that competition from “vouchered” schools would make the public schools either improve their product or go away. His strong endorsement of freedom of choice...
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Chicago Schools Know What Your Child Should Eat

(Chicago Tribune) Fernando Dominguez cut the figure of a young revolutionary leader during a recent lunch period at his elementary school.”Who thinks the lunch is not good enough?” the seventh-grader shouted to his lunch mates in Spanish and English.Dozens of hands flew in the air and fellow...
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Opinion: DC School Choice: Pass or Fail?

(Washington Post) After the House passed legislation to reestablish a voucher program that allows low-income D.C. students to attend private schools, the Obama administration issued a strongly worded statement of opposition. The White House of course has a right to its own opinion, as wrongheaded as...
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School Choice Resources Page Now Available

Alaska Policy Forum has assembled a page of resources with FAQs and publications from nationally recognized organizations. Education reform is changing the face of education across the country because people are frustrated with the performance of their current educational bureacracy.   From tuition...
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Decadent deficiency: L.A. county schools

(Heritage Foundation) $578 million dollar schools, school districts building when in $640 million dollar deficits, and less than half of students graduating high school sum up L.A. county, a perfect candidate for school choice. Read the article <here>
September 14th, 2010 | Education, Fiscal Policy | Read More

Parental Approval won by charter schools

(Heritage Foundation) Light is shed on more benefits of charter schools with the publication of a recent DOE report, which also shows an overwhelming support for the system by parents. The Heritage Foundation summarizes and reflects on the report and its findings. Read the article <here>
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Race to the Top: Another $4.35 Billion Spent Poorly?

(AEI) That was another $4.35 billion poorly spent. Last week, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced the winners of the second and final round of the administration’s heavily promoted and widely cheered Race to the Top school-reform program. Unfortunately, after all the headlines and hullabaloo,...
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The Hidden costs of the ASD contracts

By David Boyle Just recently, the Anchorage School Board approved a contract for the Anchorage Education Association (AEA) for the period 2010-13.  We expressed concern at the School Board meeting (May 24th) that the board may not have been informed of the total costs of this contract.  When asked...
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New Orleans Schools After Katrina

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The politics and policy of online education

(Reason Magazine) From the perspective of education reformers and policy wonks, beaten down by a decades-long war of attrition, online education has swept onto the scene with astonishing speed. Paul Peterson, the Harvard education scholar, calls the rate at which the online education sector has grown...
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Invisible Ink In Teacher Contracts

(Education Next) Across the country, many cash-strapped districts fretting over likely layoffs are eyeing seniority rules as they hammer out new contracts. To the surprise of some district superintendents, contract negotiations are not likely to offer much relief. In fact, when it comes to seniority...
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Are Michigan Public Schools Underfunded?

(The Mackinac Center for Public Policy) A common claim by Michigan’s public school establishment and its political allies is that, despite spending $20 billion annually on education, our schools are “underfunded.” Comparisons to other states and to historical funding levels show that the claim...
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Education Vouchers Raise Property Values in Texas District

(National Center for Policy Analysis) The sudden increase in property values and demand for housing in Edgewood indicates the desire of parents to move into the district’s boundaries in order to qualify their child for the voucher program. While the exact number is unknown, many voucher users attended...
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Charter schools face uncertain future

( Facing rising costs and limited room for expansion, Alaska charter schools may soon be a thing of the past. Mary Meade-Olberding, charter school supervisor for the Anchorage School District, said charter schools face a number of district-imposed restrictions that make expansion extremely...
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