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Pros & Cons on State of Alaska Leading on AKLNG Project

The decision making process on the AKLNG project is vital to the future of Alaska and its citizens. Because of this, we have placed the PowerPoint presentation by the legislature’s consultant, Nikos Tsafos of Enalytica, on our webpage. His presentation focuses on various levels of the State’s ownership and project management. This was presented to the Joint Senate/House Resources Committee on August 24-25. Here is a link to all the presentations:

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Governor Walker’s Law Department Gives a Pass to Alaska Lead on Gas line

Do you think the State Of Alaska should take the lead on the gas line? Do you believe the State should own the gas line and other assets? This letter from the AK Dept of Law basically states that the AK Gasline Development Corporation (state) can do what it wants because the legislature gave it the authority in SB138. Here is the letter from AK Dept of Law. By the way, send your PFD to AGDC.

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Our Recommendations to Legislature on Improving Budget Process in January 2014

It was January 2014 when the APF briefed the legislature on future budget problems. We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a CULTURAL problem in how the State government and legislature budget our limited resources. Fix the culture, and that will fix the root cause of the problem. Zero based budgeting or priority budgeting need to be implemented.

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Candidate Walker’s Positions on Alaska’s Budget in October 2014

When a person runs for elected office we should expect truth regarding that person’s guiding principles. In October 2014 then-candidate Bill Walker stated his principles on free markets, PFDs and right sizing the Alaska State government. We ask Governor Walker: “Where are those principles now?”. Or were they ever there?

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That Blanking, Bloated, Big Alaska Budget!

The state should manage its own budget before it manages Alaskan familie’s budgets. Reducing Alaskans’ budgets reduces the size of the general population. Reducing the state’s budget reduces the size of government. Legislators and governor it’s your choice. Which will it be?

June 17th, 2016 | Fiscal Policy, Recent News | Read More

Alaska Ranks #1 in Fiscal Health; Or Does it?

Is Alaska #1 or maybe #50 in fiscal health? It all depends on what one looks at to determine the fiscal health. Accounting for long term liabilities such as pensions and retired government employee health care, Alaska ranks closer to #50 in fiscal health.

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Juneau Borough Payroll Just Released; 526 Employees Cost More Than the Mayor

We all should be concerned with value whether provided by the private sector or the public sector. When we pay property taxes and other taxes to fund local government services we should also know what those taxes are paying for and if we are getting value.

June 2nd, 2016 | Accountability, Fiscal Policy | Read More

Budget Monkey Business in Alaska

Some things that happen in Juneau are just simply amazing. How about “smoke and mirrors”, “monkey business” and the ever-tempting “bait and switch”?

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Alaska Spends More on K12 and Gets Less Return on Investment

Here are the facts in an easily read chart to compare Alaska to the other 49 States and the District of Columbia.

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What Should School Boards Focus on?

Do Alaska school boards contractually require school superintendents to improve learning? And what is the recourse when that does not happen?

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Legislators: Here are Some Places to Reduce the State’s Budget

Where would you reduce the State Of Alaska budget? Here are some great ideas–what do you think?

April 19th, 2016 | Recent News | Read More

Public Monies Fund These Private Educational Institutions

Here is a listing of those “educational” institutions that high school graduates attend using their Alaska Performance Scholarship funds.  Now these educational/training organizations may be providing some great instruction to post-high school students.  But these are state funds and are being used to fund other than public education.  Doesn’t this violate the Alaska Constitution, Article […]

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Let’s Use Your PFD to Fund Alaska Students’ College Education

Do you believe that Alaska college students should use your PFD or their PFDs to pay for their education?

April 12th, 2016 | Recent News | Read More

What will the US Dept of Education do with Alaska’s AMP Test Failure?

Here is a post from Politico which may shed some light on Alaska’s quandary on its troubled Alaska Measurement of Progress (AMP) test: “IS ALASKA MAKING ‘EVERY EFFORT’ TO ADMINISTER TESTS? After major technical glitches [], resulted in Alaska canceling all testing for the rest of the year [ ], early figures showed that the […]

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Anchorage School District Fails to Educate Mentally Challenged Students

What would you do if you had a mentally challenged student that wasn’t receiving adequate educational services from your school district? You should support your child and do everything you can to change the law so your child can thrive.

April 8th, 2016 | Recent News | Read More

Nonprofit releases report on city employee salaries, KTUU

Mayor Berkowitz believes that our publishing of the Muni of Anchorage payroll is “inflammatory” not “informational”. Does he want to keep the general public in the dark on its employees’ payroll? We will shine the light and provide transparency as our agenda.

April 7th, 2016 | Recent News | Read More