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Should Small Schools in Alaska be Closed?

There has been much discussion recently about education funding for some of the smaller schools in Alaska.  Most of this discussion has focused on whether or not small rural schools are viable and worth the cost.  We believe the discussion should be reframed so that the question is, “Which schools...
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Alaska Should Follow Florida’s Lead in Education

It has been claimed by many that the State of Alaska is not funding public education adequately and some are trying to destroy the system.  These claims are just that–claims.  They are not backed up by data and thus are anecdotal and opinions.  Some of these claims are downright misinformation. So,...
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Alaska Plummets to 48th in Economic Freedom in the States

The 11th edition of the highly respected report Economic Freedom of North America has been released and it shows Alaska dropping in economic freedom.  In the index Alaska ranks 48th among the 50 States.  In the previous year’s edition Alaska ranked 2oth out of the 5o States.  Dropping like a...
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Direct Primary Care: The Hidden Nugget in the Affordable Care Act

Anyone remember Marcus Welby, MD? Think about your most recent visit to your health care provider. Does visiting your doctor seem more like a factory production line than the type of relationship that Dr. Welby had with his patients? Well, Dr. Welby is making a comeback. And this time he also has an...
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Education Dollars to Fund Elections! Say it Ain’t so

We think this is so important that we copied it from another blog, 147 Degrees West.  Should Alaska’s education funds go to pay for elections?  Absolutely not.  This blog has been edited for brevity.   At the end of this article there is an email to which you can provide your comments to the...
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Governor Walker Using Public School Students to Promote Political Agenda

When Governor Walker issued a press release on October 15th that stated “Governor Walker applauds effort to bring budget challenge to the classroom”, we had to ask what was the motivation for this.  Is this a purely educational effort or is it a political ploy to spread the gospel of the...
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Alaska Media–Messaging or Reporting?

Dan Fagan recently wrote a candid article on the philosophy of the Alaska Dispatch News and its impact on public policy.  We may not agree with all his comments but it does shine a light on the “what” is happening in Alaska and the “why” it is being done.  We congratulate Mr....
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Should Public School Funds be Used for Education?

by David Nees Sometimes the simplest question has the most revealing answer. The State School Board met in Sitka from Sept 16-19. It had the usual tour of Mt. Edgecumbe School, the only one it operates as a Board.  Then it got down to the usual regulatory business. The Board had a number of big interest...
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Permanent Fund Dividend of $2072! Careful How You Spend it, the Government is Watching

Governor Walker just announced that this year’s PFD will be $2,072.  It’s another Christmas in October which really stimulates the economy.  But don’t spend it all right away because you may want some to help pay for Medicaid expansion.  You may also want to stash some away for the...
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Breaking News-Arctic Getting Warmer, November 1922!

Check this out.  A news article from 1922 about global warming in Alaska.  Click on the picture to enlarge it to be readable.              
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The Legal Issues on Expanding Medicaid in Alaska

In a Forbes article dated August 4, 2015, Josh Archambault and Jonathan Ingram discuss the legal box that Governor Walker is in regarding his efforts to expand Medicaid without going through the legislative process.  The governor is required to get the legislature’s OK before Alaska takes any...
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Alaska’s Current Medicaid Program Fraught With Waste and May Take Your PFD to Fix it

It’s just money so why should we worry?  In case you haven’t seen it, the sworn affidavit of Margaret Brodie, program director of Medicaid in Alaska’s DHSS, has astounding facts regarding the broken current Medicaid system.  For those who believe this is a partisan problem, most of...
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Alaska Seniors Squeezed to the Back of the Bus by Medicaid

The University of Alaska’s Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) completed a study titled “Improving Health Care Access for Older Alaskans” in June 2010.  This study was authored by Mark A. Foster and Rosyland Frazier.  The report addresses the current status of access...
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Did You Do This on July 4th?

In Alaska, we prize our summers and especially our weekends due to the long dark winters.  Many of us recreate in Alaska’s vast wilderness.  Others work in their gardens, play with their kids, and just get outdoors to enjoy the weather.  Did anyone discuss the merits of Obamacare during the...
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Medicaid Expansion Hurts Medicare Seniors and Tricare Families

This is a reprint of an article we posted on April 14, 2015. An open Letter to Governor Walker and Alaska State Legislators Of all the issues surrounding Medicaid expansion, fairness to Alaska’s senior and veteran populations should be the highest priority. The expansion of Medicaid will have a...
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Republican Legislative Leaders Explain Use of Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve Account

  May 28, 2015 Dear Alaskan: As you are aware, Alaska is facing tough financial times. The price of oil has dropped nearly fifty percent from this time last year – posing a dramatic decrease in revenue and creating the largest deficit we have seen in our young state’s history. Some may call...
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