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Federal Regulators Not Happy with AGDC

On Craig Medred’s website, Larry Persily reports today on many gaps in information that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) needs but that the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) is not providing. FERC writes with “several requests for information that have been made...
February 16th, 2018 | Energy | Read More

Free Enterprise versus Government Enterprise

Alaska Governor Walker announced what he thought was big news this week regarding a natural gas pipeline. We’ve looked beyond the hype with renown Alaskan energy expert Dave Harbour and Alaska conservative blogger Suzanne Downing. Harbour notes that the “nationalized” North Slope natural...
November 11th, 2017 | Energy, Recent News, Resource Development | Read More

Governor Walker Obsessed with His Gas Line Moves the Line in the Sand Deadline

Here is a great article by our friend Craig Medred.  He hits the proverbial “nail on the head” and holds Governor Walker accountable for his actions and promises. by Craig Medred “The first day of September came and went with nary a peep out of the office of Alaska Gov. Bill Walker...
September 4th, 2017 | Energy, Recent News | Read More

Pros & Cons on State of Alaska Leading on AKLNG Project

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August 31st, 2016 | Economics, Energy, Recent News, Resource Development | Read More

Three Letters That Strike Fear: EPA

Now that President Obama has delivered his new edict on climate change/global warming to us, he has empowered the EPA to increase its intrusion even more into our everyday lives without Congress’ permission (not sure why Congress is even here, anymore). The EPA has been charged by the President...
June 27th, 2013 | Energy, Recent News | Read More

Will Fire Island Turbines Affect People and Beluga Whales?

Construction has begun on the Fire Island wind farm which will provide a small amount of electrical energy at substantially higher prices for Chugach Energy Association customers. Some of the wind turbines, which were built in China by General Electric,  have already arrived for delivery to the Island....
May 10th, 2012 | Energy | Read More

The Future of ACES-Alaska’s Oil Tax

If you haven’t been oversaturated with the discussions on development of Alaska’s oil resources and the taxing of that resource, then you have a splendid opportunity to learn more from both sides of the argument. Is Alaska’s tax structure on oil too progressive and thus limiting production...
January 10th, 2012 | Energy, tax changes | Read More

General Electric Corporate Welfare

(National Review) The Fire Island wind energy project has nothing on the Sheperd’s Flat wind project in northern Oregon. This $1.9 billion federally funded project (your tax dollars) will dwarf the Fire Island wind farm in size and taxpayer dollars. The corporate beneficiary of your dollars will...
October 17th, 2011 | Energy | Read More

Will Fire Island Wind Farm Provide Reliable Energy?

(BBC News) The John Muir Trust Fund, a conservation charity, has conclude that UK wind farms operate well below capacity more than half the time. During the highest peak demand time, the farms operate at less than five percent of capacity. So, when you need energy most, it will most likely not be available....
May 5th, 2011 | Energy | Read More

U.S. Loans Green $$ to Germany to go Green in California

(Forbes)The United States Department of Energy on Monday offered a conditional $2.1 billion loan guarantee to German developer Solar Millennium to finance the first half of a 1,000 megawatt solar thermal power plant to be built in the Southern California desert.The Blythe Solar Power Project is the largest...
April 20th, 2011 | Energy | Read More

Who owns the resources makes a difference

From Ronald Bailey at Reason Magazine: If you’re looking for a place to stash some excess carbon dioxide, forests are your best bet. Trees and plants drink up CO2, believed to be a major contributor to global warming. So the United Nations is trying to hammer out an agreement under which governments...
June 18th, 2010 | Energy, Recent News | Read More

U.S. Trans. Secretary Lahood delcares end of favoring cars over bicycles

(Fast Lane) In his personal blog, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood declared a “sea change” in policy after attending the National Bike Summit: “This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized,” he wrote. (NYT blog reports) Read the...
April 23rd, 2010 | Energy, Policy | Read More