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Unchain Charter Schools & Free 1,258 Students

There is a bill in the State Legislature, HB 93, which would increase the number of charter schools in the state and help meet the strong demand for charter schools in Anchorage and the rest of Alaska. This bill would increase the number of  authorizers (those who can authorize the start up of a new...
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Vouchers can improve the fiscal health of school districts

It is a dogma used to criticize school choice so often that it sounds like a broken record: If we allow families to choose whatever school they would like to go to, there will be fiscal Armageddon—Children will leave public schools, and it will drain away funding. So goes the talking point. There...
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Alaskans Don’t Know What They Don’t Know–About Education

It seems as if the NEA-AK and its local affiliates are using members’ dues to sponsor commercials which basically say that vouchers will destroy public education as we know it. Trouble is, most of us don’t know the state of public education in Alaska today. Well here are the facts: Did you...
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A State at Risk: The Need for Education Reform in Alaska

In 1983, US Secretary of Education T.H. Bell released a report, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Education Reform, which stated the following: “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed...
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Charter School Legislation Expands Choice to More Kids

Representative Lynn Gattis, House District 9, has introduced HB 93 which will increase the types of authorizers of charter schools. Authorizers are those entities that can approve/disapprove/close charter schools. Currently, only public school districts in Alaska can be authorizers which tends to minimize...
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Governor Parnell on the Right Track with Teacher Evaluations. We are Not Chicago.

Governor Parnell has recommended that the State Board of Education and Early Development (Board) “set the bar higher in weighting teacher and administrator evaluations based on student learning”. Currently, the Board has set the bar so low that anyone can merely walk over the bar. The Board...
November 28th, 2012 | Education, Recent News | Read More

Help Your Kids, and All Kids, with Math-It Needs Fixing in Anchorage

Math is one of the core subjects. It is in any education program anywhere in the world.  Like it or hate it, you use it every day. Have a bad grasp of basic computation and you will suffer the rest of your life. Anchorage parents and students have been struggling with the EveryDay Math curriculum and...
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Next Big Storm to Hit Anchorage-Schools Close

This past week, Anchorage was almost blown away by an early season wind storm that uprooted and blew down many trees, especially on the east side of town. Of course, in Alaska neighbors help neighbors and remove damaged trees, help by providing refrigeration for foodstuffs and hot showers for comfort....
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Should Anchorage Taxpayers Bail Out Teamster Pension Fund?

The Anchorage School Board is considering adopting the proposed union contract renewal with Teamsters Local 959 (bus drivers/attendants) which will require the taxpayer to help bail out an underfunded Teamster Pension Fund. Why should we be called on to bail out a mismanaged fund which our employees...
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You Can Get Out of a Failing School-Here’s How

This month the Anchorage School District had to send out more than 8,000 letters to parents who had  children in failing Anchorage Schools. These letters were to inform parents that they had the option to get their kids out of failing (NCLB) schools and get them into two other successful Anchorage Schools....
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Who’s Hungry, Anchorage School District or Children?

The Anchorage School Board will spend $2,107,660 of Federal taxpayer dollars to grow the after-school dinner program for 12 schools in the 2012-2013 school year (Memo #19, ASD School Board) at its August 6 meeting. Many will argue that this is free money because the Federal government funds this program....
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Indiana Voucher Schools Trump Other Schools

Indiana launched a school voucher program in 2011 which provided Choice Scholarships to students whose families had household incomes not more than 150 percent of the Federal free/reduced price (FRPL) lunch program criterion. This would be about $61,000/year for a family of four in Indiana. Those students...
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Who Knows What’s Best for Their Child, Parents or Educators?

We often hear from the educational community that parents are not involved in their children’s education. But do the educators really want substantive parental involvement in education or are they blaming parents for students’ lack of achievement? Several states have what is called parent...
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The Closed-Door Session of the Anchorage School Board

Alaska has an open meetings law. If you aren’t familiar with what this is, basically it requires that boards and committees elected by the public must be open to the public. The law is meant to guard the public from a board or committee that wants to close its doors to escape public scrutiny. One...
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What Would Dr. King Say?

What Would Dr. King Say?
Article VII, Section 1 of the Alaska’s Constitution, contains some language prohibiting funding sectarian schools. Where did it come from?  
June 22nd, 2012 | Education, Featured | Read More

Does the Anchorage School District want parents to be involved?

It’s a concern that’s repeated often enough: Performance of Anchorage schools could be better, but parents just aren’t involved. But, does the ASD board and administration want more parental involvement? A better question to ask is, “Does district policy encourage or discourage parental involvement?”...
June 15th, 2012 | Education, Recent News | Read More