Q: Does Alaska Policy Forum lobby the legislature?
A: As a 501(c)(3), non-profit think tank, we do not endorse or support specific legislation or candidates for election. However, we do provide information and opinions on general and specific policies.


Q: Does Alaska Policy Forum accept government funding or grants?
A: No.


Q: How is Alaska Policy Forum funded?
A: By donations by from individuals like you who support our vision of an Alaska that continuously grows prosperity by maximizing individual opportunities and freedom.


Q: Is Alaska Policy Forum Democrat or Republican?
A: Alaska Policy Forum seeks to work with all policymakers on any policies that will grow freedom for Alaskans, no matter what political memberships they hold.


Q: What does Alaska Policy Forum do?
A: Every law that is passed assumes a set of ideas. We call these ideas policy. Alaska Policy Forum educates Alaskans and policymakers about policies that grow freedom.


More questions? Email us at info@alaskapolicyforum.org