Is the Anchorage School District focused on its mission?

Education — By on June 14, 2010 at 5:44 PM

On June 14th at 6:30, the Anchorage School Board will consider approving a master plan to rebuild West High School and Romig Middle School into a community center school. The projected cost is nearly $300,000,000. This “vision” includes fitness centers, one natural and two artificial turf fields, weight rooms, a health center, and just about something for everyone.¬† The cost for producing the master plan was $979,000. However, this master plan does not guarantee an increase in student achievement nor higher graduation rates.

In Anchorage, the highest achieving schools are charter schools, which operate in Spartan facilities, and optional ABC schools which are based on traditional learning and discipline. The results are proven, unlike the master plan.

The links to the master plan in the school board agenda have been pulled down in the final hours before the meeting to approve the plan, despite the school board’s call for transparency. The files are linked here.

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